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Garbage Can

I was once in a business partnership where my partner said, “I will always sell the shiny side of the garbage can”.  He was a marketer and was always focused on appearances.  My response was, “I will always sell the whole garbage can.  The buyer may buy their 1st garbage can from you but when they realize that the garbage can is not entirely shiny, they will come to me for their 2nd garbage can and I will sell them every garbage can thereafter.  Why?  Because I was upfront and honest with them from the beginning”.  Needless to say, that partnership only lasted a year and it was many moons ago.

Often, one may find them self is a situation where as potential client asks you if you have done something before or do you feel comfortable doing something.  Be upfront and honest.  The client will respect you more for you honesty than if you get on location unprepared and unable to perform.

In this era of Social Media, project a REAL picture of who you are, exception all your pimples, scars and shortfallings.  Ultimately, you will be respected far or for it than creating a fake impression until they see who is REALLY behind the curtain.  None of us are perfect and your client will understand that and will appreciate your honesty.

All the Best,

Brad Feinknopf