The July and August issue of CMH just arrived at our studio the other day. I thought that I would mention it because it highlights Brad’s trip to Egypt last year to aid COSI in their production of “Lost in Egypt exhibit that is currently open. The article, written by Kelli Gaza Nowinsky, who is the Public Relations Manager at COSI, is primarily an overview of the trip and amazing access that was given to COSI while they were putting the it all together. Which is fine by us, as it serves to be a wonderful vehicle to show off some more of Brad’s awesome photography! If you’re interested in getting the back story to the production of “Lost in Egypt check out the exhibit’s blog that was updated daily while they were in Egypt.
If you happen to be local you can go and grab a free copy of CMH at just about any respectable location; something that we highly recommend doing, because in our opinion the magazine just keeps getting better. Plus so far we’re two for two with getting them to publish Brad’s photography.