We at the studio were just recently informed that two projects we shot for Rafael Vinoly Architects were featured in November’s Issue of Architectural Lighting. The projects are featured in separate articles and each deals with the unique lighting demands that each project brought to the table.
The article discussing the Center of Science at Bard College deals with the architects desires to remove all but faintest traces of lighting hardware, to light the space in a way that highlighted the architecture, and to do all of this without exceeding the College’s Budget. While the article dealing with California Nano Systems covers the unique challenges of creating a high light level work environment for the scientist and technicians. While at the same time meeting all of California’s rigorous energy efficiency regulations.
To read further on these challenges check out the online articles; since I think it might be hard to find at this point. The article for Bard is here, while the article fore California Nano Systems is here. To find more details, at least architecturally, on each project; or to see what other cool projects their working on please visit Vinoly’s website.