The RMJM Hillier project that Brad shot earlier this year at the Becton Dickinson Corporate Campus has been published in the latest issue of Metropolis. The article appears in their ‘Observed’ section and deals with the creative and environmentally conscious way that Hillier solved the problem posed by the project. Becton Dickinson wanted to find a way to unite their two main corporate buildings, which were separated an expanse of open and grassy lawn, with out destroying the pastoral beauty of the campus.
While it wasn’t the easiest shoot that Brad has had to do; I think that he walked away with a beautiful series of images for Hillier to use when talking about it’s innovative new building. To see what other new and creative problems that the architects at Hillier are working on please visit their website. Or to read the article in its entirety just swing by the local news stand and pick up the latest issue of Metropolis.