Rafael Vinoly’s office sent a pdf over to us the other day showing us an article featuring their projects and opening with an image of Bard College that Brad took. The article, titled “ The Architecture of Science”, is being run in the Korean version of “Architecture & Culture”. It details how as the lines between the specific specializations within the science industries are beginning to disappear a new form of lab and work space that fosters an inter-disciplinary community is required. The article goes on to say that with recent projects Rafael Vinoly Architects PC has established itself on the cutting edge of a new brand of research lab design.
While we are always very pleased to see our clients get the attention that they deserve through continued publication. We are even happier that the article features several of Brad’s images of Bard College, as well as a few of his images of the California NanoSystems Institute at UC, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institute of Health.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the article online, I’ll keep looking for it later and hopefully I’ll find it and will be able to post a link to it. Until then however please visit the website of Rafael Vinoly Architects PC, I know that I enjoy visiting their site and seeing what new and exciting projects that they are working on.