The results are in and they’re outstanding five of the projects that Brad has shot have won AIA Ohio awards. We at the Studio are pleased to have been part of so many wonderful projects over the recent past.
Here are the award winners in no particular order: GBBN with their Ottawa House for the University of Toledo, Elkus Manfredi for their work on the South Campus Gateway project, Moody-Nolan and Antoine Predock for their work on Larkins Hall at OSU, Schooley Caldwell’s renovation of the downtown Lazurus Building, and last but not least Acock Associates for their design of Buckeye Village.
Please visit the websites of the award winners for more information and to see their latest up and coming projects. GBBN Architects www.gbbn.com, Elkus Manfredi www.elkus-manfredi.com, Moddy Nolan www.moodynolan.com and Antoine Predock www.predock.com, Schooley Caldwell Associates www.sca-ae.com, and Acock Associates.