Brad recently shot a new home in Powell, OH that is featured in the February/March edition of Sound and Vision Magazine. Dubbed “The Home of Tomorrow”, this home contains one of the most comprehensive, integrated home media systems on the market. The system is called Lifeware and is the product of local Columbus start-up company Exceptional Innovation.
This new system offers the same type of seamless integration that most iPod users experience when connecting to there computers. The Lifeware software is based on a Microsoft platform not dissimilar to those found on PC Media Center. Lifeware offers fully integrated and seamless control over every wired system in one’s house, from the DVD player, TV, stereo and XBox 360 to the lighting, security system, HVAC, and even the washer and dryer. All these systems can be controlled from any TV, computer, or wall screen panel in the house.
To find out more about this amazing new system and see Brad’s pictures, pick up a copy of Sound and Vision Magazine or click on over to Exceptional Innovation.